Artist Statement

I believe that there is a residue of lives lived embedded in the rooms that we move through and in the objects that artists make.  My work depicts ordinary objects from living rooms belonging to people I have loved and lost.  However it is not grief that I am interested in conveying, but the residue of the affection that is left behind. 


I blend sculptural physicality with traditional painting techniques to make my hybrid paintings.  I use assortment of materials to paint on: plaster, pumice, ceramics, resin, and fabric.  Texture becomes a way of communicating touch—my own touch held in my work, and what my viewer imagines feeling with their own hand.  In this way, my touch is held in my work similar to how a room or object holds the essence of a person when they are no longer present.  Taking forms that seem to have order—a grid, a number, a hand, or a room—I deliberately lose accuracy and allow for imagination to run rampant.  

© 2020 by RACHAEL ZUR.