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Poems on Imprisonment

Consequences of Captivity

The captured bird

was beaten.

Her wings were clipped.

Placed in a cage,

Demands were made

For her to sing.

Sweet songs,

Have grown hoarse.

The bird is older now.

Oh so benevolent,

We opened the door,

to set her free.

She stood in the space,

Between freedom

And captivity.

Lifting her wings

She feels their weight

And knows they will not hold her.

Without flight

She will always be

At the mercy of others.


There is a space between being at war

and going home to normal civilian life,

a space between imprisonment

and freedom,

a space between slavery

and emancipation.

This space might be a moment

similar to when a child is first born and not yet taken their first breath.

It is a moment

that decides everything.

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